King for Council 2018

Listen, Strategize, Implement

About Evan King


Having worked in both the public sector (Correctional Officer) and private secctor (Small Business Owner), this gives me a unique advantage and insight into how both sides of the fence operate. I currently operate a small business and belong to the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce.  

As a family we have settled in the beautiful hamlet of Brownsville. My wife and I cannot imagine raising our two children anywhere else. 

I have a invested, genuine and driven desire to see Ward 4 succeed in the future. 


My entire life I have been very competitive. I have represented Canada on the world stage in the Olympic Finn Class of Sailing. I have traveled North America and other parts of the world representing our great Country. My competitive nature has not stopped. I pride myself in always striving to be the best in whatever I am doing and that will translate into being Ward 4 Councillor.  

Why Elect Evan King?

I truly believe I am the most qualified out of all the candidates. I know the current issues Ward 4 have now and have a PLAN to address them. A lot of the candidates say "I will lower property tax", "I will improve roads", "I will ensure development is done properly". Well that is all great that the candidates want to do all of this BUT what is their plan? How are they going to execute that?  For every single issue I have addressed I have a plan to implement. With that all being said, I will never pretend too know everything. I will always be open to better more efficient options if they are presented. I believe in innovation, best practices and learning from other peoples mistakes. 

I have met with Planning and Development, Operations and the Finance department so I can get a better understanding of how current operations work. This is a vital step to know how certain departments are currently operating.

I have union negotiating experience, which will translate well into this position as Councillor. I have written provincial policy that is still in place today. No other candidate has this kind of experience and I know my experience will serve the people of Ward 4 very well. (Councillors are responsible for approving or not approving all municipal budgets, also negotiating in good faith collective bargaining.)

"I believe a great Municipal Councillor is a well rounded representative of the area that it serves." 

Evan King

My Platform

Strategic Planning

Ward 4 is at a critical point in its development because of the over flow of population from the GTA. There needs to be strategic planning put in place to ensure the growth in Ward 4 is done correctly and efficiently. If I am elected Councillor for Ward 4, I will ensure that I listen to the people and implement what is best suited for each area. Maintaining that small town feel and growing our economy can happen together if done properly with the right leadership.

Senior Living/Care

Our seniors deserve the best care and affordable living, plain and simple. We can do much more as a government to assist our seniors. I will do more. After talking to some community leaders and seniors themselves, we can agree on the following top priorities:

- Affordable housing

- Transit

- Programs

- Funding for Senior Living expansion

- Funding for personal support

Taking care of our seniors is a top priority for me if elected Councillor. I will ensure the proper steps are taken and all levels of government inquired, so we can make positive change for our senior citizens.


Agriculture is the life blood of our community. 

It is so important that we communicate and plan a sustainable future with our agriculture industry. 

If I am elected I will ensure all measures are taken to promote and encourage positive relations and results between agriculture and our government. 

Protecting the environment and our Agriculture industry go hand in hand. We need to protect our rivers, streams and land. This will create a healthier environment for the Agriculture industry and therefore create better food and products. 

More concerns that need to be addressed

Road conditions

A common ground that I have noticed where almost everyone can agree on, is that our roads need a lot of attention. We need to assess existing plans and apply lessons learned to ensure tax dollars are efficiently spent on an approved plan that we will put in place where we invest in our roads for the future of this great ward. A proper cost and priority analysis needs to be done to ensure we are completing the roads in sequence of priority and use the best material that ensures the roads future is bright and cost effective.

Affordable Housing

I have been approached several times about what my plan is with affordable housing. We can all agree that we want affordable housing so that hard working young families can set their roots and grow with the community. I know of a few programs that other municipalities are using in order to get young families into their areas. If elected this will become a priority to me and plan will be put in place using lessons learned from other municipalities successful affordable housing plan to ensure young people are not priced out of the housing market. 

Community Events/Programs

Bringing the community together to enjoy festivals, programs, skating, etc. is what makes this community great. If I am elected I will ensure the skating rink program, patio pilot, festivals will be better than ever. We need to invest into these important events so that our families can enjoy this area and everything it has to offer. 

Government Grants and Sponsorships

There are all kinds of grants and sponsorship's that are made available by the provincial and federal governments for municipalities like ourselves. We need to capitalize on this in a major way. This will allow us to make our community better and keep our taxes low. These grants and sponsorship's are very unique in how to write them and require a very specific skill set. If elected I will look into this further and see if this is being utilized to its fullest capacity.

Small Business

Ensuring our local small businesses thrive is a very important roll as a Councillor. Everyone of the local small businesses seem to have one thing in common with each other and that is superior customer service! That is a reflection of the community and we want to keep that going. If I am elected I will sit down with every small business and get down to their specific needs and important issues, so that we can continue to support our local small businesses.

Plan with Orono

The beautiful village of Orono is at a very important point in its life right now. The people of Orono have come together to express their concerns, views and future outlook of Orono. If I am elected Councillor of Ward 4, I will ensure that everyone's concerns are heard and solved. I want nothing but the best possible future for the people of Orono and I believe we can come together to achieve that.  

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